Banana Pancakes Recipe

My favorite banana pancakes recipe and it’s really easy peasy to make!

No flour required… just bananas and eggs! 🙂 Great if you are vegetarian, dairy, gluten or wheat intolerant!

To serve 2 people…

2 large and ripened bananas
4 eggs
Optionally – a quarter teaspoon of baking powder to help them rise and stay fluffy!

Mix the ingredients in a bowl.  You can use a hand blender or food processor.

If you don’t have either of these then you can mash with a fork and then mix together until smooth.

Put some oil in your pan – canola (rapeseed) or sunflower oil recommended to lightly coat the surface. You can also use a spray version if you are being health conscious.

It is a good idea to measure with a ladle so that all your pancakes are roughly the same size.

Cook until until bubbles start to appear and they firm up. Turn over and cook for around 30-60 seconds more. The second side is always faster to cook than the first! 🙂

Optionally – serve with some more sliced banana on top and/or some butter/syrup depending on how healthy you want to be! 🙂


Enjoy! 🙂